Father. Dreamer. Music and image lover.

I grew up in the DFW metroplex. I frequently visited Austin, Texas because I couldn’t get enough of the art and lifestyle I saw there. It only took a few times for me until I had an unsatisfiable hunger to devour as much art in the Fort Worth area as I could. I loved roaming around the city on my skateboard and staring at the graffiti. Posters with clever sayings, or just artsy propaganda. I lived in the best place for that, the upper West side. Just outside the arts district.


Through High school, and even more so now, I’d have a have a hard time recalling a moment our tight knit group didn’t have a camera with us. Maybe it was to film what we thought was an awesome string of skateboard tricks, or maybe just to shoot a photo to prove that we got the trick for bragging rights.

Now I spend most of my time watching adventure documentaries, spending time with the family pedaling our bicycles, and camping (when I can squeeze in time). I hear that I’m easy to talk to, and I love coffee… so we should do that sometime.




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