Travel: Tampa, Fl

travel tampa

Had the pleasure of driving down to Tampa Florida for a Vacation. Just spent time exploring the city, eating at some of the finest local restaurants in Soho, and skating the mecca- skatepark of Tampa.

A friend and I stayed at The Skyhouse in downtown, or “channel-side” they call it, really cool spot. We stayed on the 15th floor and could see the entire skyline, the roof had this really beautiful infinity pool. I hadn’t taken a photo the entire time I’d been there, but sunset came and I had to take some photos from the roof.

The Technical boring stuff:

This was 5 exposures blended together. I’ve been trying so many different techniques, but I think I found one that works really well. I got a wacom tablet, so masking over the blown out parts or the underexposed parts is so much easier. I always start by putting my camera on my tripod and and finding a focus, then I put it on manual focus. I set the ISO to 100 (my personal favorite). Let the camera meter, and set the shutter to 5 stops over, close it. Work my way to 5 stops under closing the shutter at each stop to ensure I have plenty of frames and VOILA! I’ve bracketed, and I’m ready to get to the computer.


I really want to have a some travel photos and make a blog post every time, so hold me accountable readers.

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