Travel: Greenwood, SC

greenwood fallI’ll be the first to say it, “I don’t go outside enough.” I spend too much time working behind a computer and staring out the window, I spend too much time driving from job to job. I spend way too much time glued to my phone. Ask yourself this, When was the last time you just laid on your back staring at the open sky? Why? Is it too cold where you are? Chances are that you just make excuses about why you can’t even spend five minutes laying on your back with someone you love, and silently looking into infinity. I’m not pointing fingers, I don’t do it enough, I say “I’m working”, or “I don’t have a place to go that isnt blocked out by light pollution”, (other photographers can vouch for how annoying this can be, even though we know there is very little we can do about it. I’m not going to start on that…) I spent the majority of my thanksgiving running around in the woods and stargazing with my daughter, I truly forgot how rewarding the feeling can be to not worry about social media for a few moments and just breathe. Just look into the sky, or run and climb. I think we need more time like this, and more adventures to go on.

I shot this with my 18-105 F5.6. I’m pleased with the result, i shot it at around F/4 (can’t recall the shutter speed, but I’m positive it was ISO400) I didn’t really crouch down or anything. I just put the camera to my face, balanced the light meter, and fired off a shot. In true ‘Ansel Adams’ Fashion; this is the only shot I took. I didn’t even really post process it, If anything I think I bumped up the contrast, and brightness. The colors were so perfect with the density of the foliage across the beautiful blue morning sky. If I could have done anything differently. I would have taken a little panoramic. everything was so pristine and untouched. truly a pleasure to photograph. It reminded me of when I wasn’t only shooting to feed myself. I didn’t get hung up on too many technicalities. Purely a photograph to recall this wonderful weekend.

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Thanks again everyone, and may you have a Picture Perfect week, and a the happiest of holidays

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