Skateboarding Photography

skateboarder South carolinaIrving Juarez, Skating the gnarliest loading dock in Conway. check the landing… thats right. the same texture as a cheese grader. So, if you can imagine riding a rolling piece of wood across a gravel pit, that would be the fear factor you’d have to face. Irving reps “lost soul” skateboards and “disposable dreams” apparel. He’s a local ripper, nice guy, and hype man if you need him to be. I think he just loves to skateboard. He’s all about the culture, and riding his skateboard.

**Tech Stuff**

So I took a huge leap of faith, I spent the money to buy a full frame camera (the Nikon D610) A really big investment for me, but I’ve been working really hard to get to this point I’m at. I Photographed this with the D610 and a 24-70 f2.8 at 200 ISO, 1/200  and f4. I used a SB600 on a stand to combat the sun even though it was mostly overcast. I love this lens. Its my favorite I’ve ever shot. It does what the 50mm just can’t. Its relatively wide compared to the 50mm, and the wide lens opening makes the f2.8 such a wonderful picture. I didnt do much post processing, so this is essentially what came out of the back of the camera. I really enjoy doing action shots, and lifestyle stuff, makes me happy. I can use my own ideas and edit them how I see fit. Maybe thats the direction I’ll go from here on out.

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