Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet

Shutter speed 101

I’ve found this chart to be extremely useful. I love the new panning shots, I can’t stress the importance of light ratios. I found this on

I reference the site all the time. The priority modes work well if your aperture can change continually. I wouldn’t suggested in control light situations. I tend to use manual mode all the time. I like being in total control of how the picture turns out. Plus it makes it easy to tweak the things that I don’t like or find the ideal lighting for the photograph. Very interesting to see how shutter speeds act with motion in photographs. Make sure the little fine print ISO 400 or lower, and I can only assume an Aperture of somewhere between 1.8-4.5. Ideally you would set your camera to “shutter speed Priority” what that allows you to do is designate the shutter speed, the camera chooses the aperture and ISO based on what the TTL meter is reading. Some people just prefer to shoot in manual… Im with you, I set the shutter speed as desired, and play with the aperture. My ISO is normally the last thing  I mess with.. I keep it anywhere from 100-400. (thats the highest ISO film I’ll buy anyway, so what the heck, right?)

Most likely, you set out on your daily photo adventure with a shot in mind, and the best thing you could ever do is memorize what these different speeds are good for… but think outside the box too… what if your getting one of these effects and its not what you want??? Refer to the chart and fix the problem. the hardest thing to learn I’ve found in photography is figuring out the lighting ratios. Once you learn that you’ve got some Nat Geo worthy photos of the neighborhood cat coming. (haha?)

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May you have a picture worthy week.

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