Portrait: Justin Tipper

Street photoJonstell.pass.us/tipper

Click the link to see the entire shoot. I’ll also make it available in the “Gallery” tab.

This Is Mr. Justin Tipper. A fine bearded man from central South Carolina, He’s and avid Bike rider, and quite a gentleman to speak with. We discussed the growing “fad” if you will, with beards. It seems like its really grown in the past year, which is a really great thing for guys with sensitive faces. We discussed how much more comfortable it is to grow one, than to take a sharp razor and run it over our faces. Im not a fan of shaving, and frankly, I never have been. All my favorite musicians are bearded, and so are the male models that I like to look up to. I love Justin’s style. He works in a very professional setting where his appearance has become way more envied than I think he ever imagined. He tailors his own clothes, because you understand the struggle as a man 6′ or taller. If its long enough, its normally too long, and if not it fits other than being too short.  I believe Justin’s beard is around a year and a half old. I hope I have the patience to continue to grow mine.

I had a blast on this super easy location. It was cool enough outside to wear the coat, so I tried to use the white balance a little on the cool side to give the image the feeling that it was actually cold. I had the pleasure of shooting my favorite lens (24-70 f/2.8) I mainly shot this at around f/4 because the sky was pretty grey. I fought trying to keep the image from looking flat, but the sun was high enough to keep from getting “rembrandt” lighting. I can’t stress how natural and easy it was to shoot with Justin, He followed directions very well, and tried everything I wanted to do, and I got shots like I wanted.

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