Maternity Mini-Session

maternity portraits I did a maternity mini session, I’ve never done one before, I’ve spent so much time looking at maternity pictures lately to see what angles to use, what styling, I noticed many of them are in a studio. There are a few problems I have with that, (a) I don’t have a studio available at the drop of a hat. (b) I don’t have lights for it (c) I prefer outdoor photography. I think shooting in a comfortable setting is the most important thing. regardless if its inside or out. Kate is such a wonderful spirit, she didn’t have a problem being barefoot, she didn’t mind that it was kinda cool outside. She’s so excited about being a mother, and its made other pregnant women want to make sure they have good maternity pictures. I’ve had quite a few request to do others, so I guess that will be my niche for a little while. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to do these.

I want to impress on to you how important it is to have quality pictures of these little moments, If you’re like me, you’ll only get the chance to do these things one time. How I wish I had more good pictures of my daughter when she was very little. Don’t get me wrong I have a ton, but they are all grainy cell phone pictures. Please if you are pregnant, have a newborn, got engaged, getting married, or haven’t ever had quality pictures made of your family contact a photographer. Do yourself the favor. You’ll never regret it. I promise.

**The Technical Fun Stuff**

Let me set this up for you. Sunday evening, about 4 o’clock, its 60 degrees outside, some cloud coverage, and the most pleasant breeze. I have my camera and a speedlight. Kate is nervous. I showed her the back of the camera, and all her fears melted away. I try to capture as many candid shots as i can because I don’t think posing always looks natural. I shot these as wide open as I could so it would have just a little flare and be super bright. I like a little haze. I’m so glad I invested in a full frame. I feel like my photography is going to start soaring. I can hardly wait to do another set like this.

The rest of the set is in the “gallery” page, please check them out. If you’re interested (even a tiny bit) please contact me. My phone number is plastered everywhere, or you can email/text message me.

Thank you.

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