Long Exposure

Fort Worth Light Trailshttps://www.flickr.com/photos/ixxiphotography/14610590897/

I have seen shots like this over and over, and where I live they don’t have bridges over busy highways. Needless to say, I’ve been dreaming of this shot since I’ve been seeing them. This is the bridge that I used to walk across everyday to school. The truck I drove when I was in school didn’t have power steering so I was nervous about hitting anyone else’s car.

I knew that was the spot I needed to get to. the only other concern I had was what I was going to do about the fence that surrounds the entire walking area. Most of the lens’s I have wouldn’t stub through the holes in the chain link. I didn’t want to crop the photo, and I didn’t want an artsy shot that incorporated the fence. I wanted a clean very simple shot like those I had seen.

I slapped on the 50mm and positioned my tripod so it was as close to the fence as possible. I cranked the ISO up to about 12k, balanced the meter for about a 1/40 shutter speed and took a shot. The composition pleased me so I got my stuff ready. Remote in hand, I set my F stop to 22, ISO to 100, and set the shutter to bulb.

What I learned a while ago, but never read anywhere is that there is a threshold of light that once your sensor is exposed to “x” amount of light that is the max. With the F stop and ISO bottomed out it didn’t really matter how long the exposure was… as long as it was long enough to capture that magic “x” amount of light. ** the only thing you run risk of is grain, and camera shake. but thankfully it wasn’t too windy where I was.i just stood in front of the camera and BAM! no wind.

Oh! one more thing, the longer the exposure the more the white head light would drown out the red closest to where I was standing. the taillights in the distance wouldn’t be affected.

So I waited for only a few minutes until the traffic got steady enough to capure what i had visualized.

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thank you, and may you have a picture worthy week

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