In the studio: Grey backdrop



Here is what we have, this was my first time shooting on a grey backdrop. I did the typical thing and looked at a bunch of tutorials online just to see how many different lighting situations I could create. I had a tough time deciding If I wanted to use it as a black, white, or grey. Zach was awesome, he let me shoot and move the lights until I was comfortable and the colors felt good.


I shot this in my living room, very tight space. 35mm and D610. The main light was set to 1/64 bounced off an umbrella, the second light was set to the lowest 1/124 also bounced off an umbrella. My camera shutter speed was set to 1/100 and f/3.0. I smoothed the backdrop in post, but the light on Zach didn’t really change much. I did wise up and set my white balance manually (which is something i normally rely on my camera to choose, even though it normally does a piss poor job.)

I’m getting caught up on social media, but its been a struggle. Trying to shoot and edit same day is exhausting, but I’m doing my best. I’m taking on twitter more this year and expanding, if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.


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Love to hear from you guys, thanks for reading 🙂

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