Grand Strand Magazine

I had the chance recently to shoot for Grand Strand Magazine, a regional magazine here in Myrtle Beach. Good chance if you live here, you’ve heard of it, if you don’t… then you probably haven’t. I’ve been harassing them via social media, and I’m not sure that is why they contacted me, But it’s help get me other jobs. I am so thankful that they did. The magazine is full of beautiful images from some really talented local shooters. Im so happy I can brag that I’ve been added to the ranks of these folks.


I’ve been wanting to shoot more food, and I’m so excited to share these photos for quiet some time. I shot a restaurant in North Myrtle beach called “Ledo pizza” I think its a franchised place based out of Maryland. Best square pizza I’ve had. (Shameless Plug) They had me shoot two dishes, the meat lovers pizza, and a lasagna dish. My favorite thing about shooting restaurants is that I get the chance to shoot a food shot, and an interior. Its made me start researching how to get better food shots and allowed me to slow down and make damn sure I have the images I need. Even though some wouldn’t see this as a big deal, but for the past couple years I’ve had the goal of being published. Since this shoot… Ive had two other stories, and three magazines contact me… It’s such a cool snowball effect and I am so stoked to feel like I’m heading right in the direction I’ve been wanting to go in since I started.

All those silly home food shoots I’ve done… makes it all worth it. I’m going to start doing more “home and garden” styled shoots. I’ve moved recently, and I’ve got the best spot ever.



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