Gradient Banding

LA SeagullBye, Bye Gradient Banding

How many of my digital photographer friends have really great pictures of landscapes, or night time long exposures, that are totally mutilated by banding? Whether or not its color or black and white. I found an action (took a little tweaking, but it took the banding out)

Everyone else that is not familiar with ‘banding’ its when you can clearly see where colors blend togethers, most times its grey’s (above, I smoothed it out) and blues. Where the colors step to fade out or get deeper. If you need an example “google color banding”I heart LA

Look at the image I just posted above and you can clearly see lines where the sky gets to the darkest hue. This is more of an edit/ save thing, because I rarely see it on the back of the camera. I don’t think its a certain lens either… I just think its the difference between 16-bit and 8-bit. I know after I ran the action the file I saved was much bigger, but it also was usable. So I’d say it was a valuable trade off.

Other than that, I took this off the side of the Santa Monica, California(the image of the sea gull) like usual there were a hundred flying together looking for scraps tourist drop or just waiting for people to feed them. the haze over the hills near the coast made for excellent isolation of this subject. I have to be honest, the birds flying in and out of the path of light created some difficulty getting a correct exposure, and focus. If you’ve been to the beach, you know these things are quick. I fired off about ten different shots, and this was the one I really felt captured what I wanted to convey. First time I went to California, I enjoyed it.

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