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rad-apple feta chicken salad CanoliI had the pleasure of shooting with a local private chef. This was the first time I’ve built a set from scratch.

We both had to work until almost 10p before the shoot. It was late, but it was such sweet little portions to shoot and eat. Seriously the most fun I’ve had on a set.

I’ve really wanted to try this for a very long time, but never knew there was a restaurant so close with such a talented young cook. I’m not one to do/like very commercial shots. I wanted to shoot during the day, but he was so stoked to shoot, so I could hardly resist.

Alright, onto the technical stuff: I wanted a semi-shallow depth. I had to shoot at a higher ISO than I normally do, but thankfully the RAW images didn’t have a ton of noise. I’ve read a ton of places that you need backlighting, but nobody wrote about how important it is to have a very subtle front lighting. I think I shot this on like F/3.8 and a pretty quick shutter speed. I tried to keep my camera on a tripod, but I ended up handholding each of these shots.

I really love how vibrant the shots turned out. Most of these shots haven’t been messed with too much, its almost the same as what I saw from the back of the camera. I’m going to post these on my Google + account . Find me Jon Stell.

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