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firestarter indian woman indian boy dancerFirst, I want to say “Thank You” to the wacamaw people for allowing me and many others to watch and participate in the traditions passed down hundreds of years through many generations of mothers to daughters and fathers to sons.

The website to see more about the history of these beautiful people is (If you live nearby, I highly recommend going to one of these events)

The music and dancing was almost intoxicating, a beat and sound that will stick with you through a car-ride, or long walk. I was amazed at the customs that are still practiced, I witnessed in just a few moments a man start a fire with nothing but a few very primitive tools. I got the pleasure of seeing a traditional dance the tribes of the midwest would do when they find a new place to settle for the season, before buffalo hunting season. The tools children use to hunt small game.

The Technical fun stuff: The day before, It rained, and in the morning it was a little overcast. I wish that had been the way I shot it. The sun was shining directly overhead, and I wasn’t going to standby and not take the shots that I really wanted. I shot on somewhere around f5 and ISO 400 the shutter speed was super fast. I knew when I got home I was going to have to do a little post-process magic. I recently learned about something called “actions”. I know this has been around a while… something i just found and happen to L-O-V-E its made editing so much faster. I almost enjoy doing it. I wish i was able to pull people aside and take perfect pictures, or use some diffuser to stop the harsh light, but post process lightened most of those lines and made these fun images something that I’m proud to say I took, and really excited to share.

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Thanks for reading, and as always, may you have a picture worthy week.

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