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I’ve been hired to do a few projects for this supplement company, I like the simplicity of the brand. They sponsor some gaming, crossfit, and weightlifting events. Solid group of level headed guys to work with. I really enjoy the company has the consumers health in mind during development. No chemicals, no¬†aspartame.

  • Low Calories and Gluten Free
  • Slow Release Energy
  • No Banned Substances
  • No Unnecessary Additives
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners, or Preservatives

It actually tastes pretty good, But I’m not going to sit here and endorse it, I just enjoy doing work for theses dudes.


I shot this on a white backdrop, and a flash at 1/16 power pointed at the ceiling. I used a 50mm at about f/5.6-6 (one of the jars is darker than the other) I Love the design, but the fact that the label isn’t a matte finish, makes fighting the reflections nearly impossible. The jars size isn’t terrible, In fact the way the designer had them printed and shrunk onto the canister made the front easy to get without a ton of the side facts and other designs distracting. They needed a little love in post process, I took the little reflections and highlights out. Made the black right, and sharpened them. Thats about it really.

Thanks everyone.

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