Being my own inspiration;

I will gladly admit I’ve been in a creative rut. (I don’t mean like how Van Gough couldn’t get his ear right, I mean like I didn’t even get a canvas.) I have created this myself. I’m the only one to blame. I have the gear- enough to go shoot something, I have a decent following, and people that would be down to work with me.

I’m tired of portraying myself as this smart, work savvy, clean dude. I literally live off coffee and cigarettes. I’m not trying to re-create the wheel here… I’m trying to get some damn momentum. I’m going to have to get my ass off the damn couch, out the damn house, and shoot some shit.

I’m tired.

Not in the sense that I don’t get enough sleep, not in the sense that my body aches from hard work daily. I’m tired of not doing anything different. I’m tired of being to lazy to reach out and shoot the shit I want. I’m tired of letting myself do whatever is easy.

After taking a few days on the internet I remembered a name that struck me as a great “Zack Arias”.

If you’re a commercial photographer and you don’t know about this guy… I’ll say it. You’re dumb. He’s been on creative live, he rules and he’s straight up, a bad ass. I read an article that his wife wrote about how they met and how they split up (I guess, I didn’t read the entire thing) and realized that photography is and can be the ruin of you. I’ve been through a similar struggle time and time again. Then I stumbled onto his blog post “Get the f*uck to work”.

Holy. shit. The things he said are exactly what I needed to read, and the post of the photos, the quotes. There’s a video of David Bowie preaching the words everyone should hear when they don’t know what the hell is going on. Find your comfort zone, move a little away from it and about the time you feel like the bottom is going to cave… that moment is when the greatness will happen.

That place. That mental place, I want live there.

You’ll be hearing from me soon. I’ll share my work, what this is doing for me.

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