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chalk drawing

I recently went to an art festival in sleepy downtown Conway, SC. That’s about 20 miles inland of where I live in Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s a very historic old town and there usually isn’t much going on unless the local college kids decide to trek a little closer to home than that sketchy ride all the way to the beach. typical place filled with boutiques and other small shops, a few bars, and a small variety of bars that share the mascot of the college nearby.  My expectations weren’t great for this event, as normally people in don’t usually make these things a high priority, but in my opinion there was a decent turnout.


What I will say is there was no shortage of different walks of life. In the gallery you’ll see everything from kids dancing in the road to bluegrass without shoes on, to business people. I even think I saw a wedding party pass through to get to the chapel only a few blocks away. Back to what i was saying it was a gathering of local artist and crafty folks getting together, drinking beer, and peddling art, crafts, homemade soap and candles. All of this with the melodic sounds of several local bluegrass bands playing for less than a handful of people, almost acting like the soundtrack for the day.

I didn’t shoot many pictures until the sun set behind the small 2-3 story buildings that make up this historic little place. when it did I was prepared. the light was so perfect in my opinion, I had the option of stepping a little and getting some really fun little sun flares, or shooting portraits in the wonderful soft light this old brick buildings provided. I only had a 35mm f/1.4 and my camera body. I was going to put the speedlight on, but after I began to move around and get some pictures, i decided to put it up and save my poor little arm.











chalk drawing



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