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This is Amanda, she is wonderful to work with. She followed direction moved the entire time and made working on a holiday totally tolerable. If you have a minute to check out her Instagram, and twitter the links are here:

Amanda Lynn (ALC_MAC) on Twitter

It had to be at least a 100 outside, walking around stagnant abandon military bunkers. No drafts, no tiny breeze… the worst. She didn’t complain too much, and didn’t get discouraged.

The hardest part was waiting to come home and look at what we had created. I have the entire set online with my flickr account (link on the home page {please check it out, my favorite go there})

The light was harsh, and the place was quite disgusting by day to day standards. I’m pretty sure we just missed the homeless by a few hours. This place is so magical though. I don’t know exactly why i’m so drawn to it, but i think about it all the time. its my go to if i have someone to photograph and I cant think of anywhere else. I have no idea how long this place has been like this, but from what I hear, the base closed in the 90’s and nothing has changed since then.

Back to what I was saying, I’m excited I found people who are willing to try new things and grow with me, because after all, thats all anyone wants to do. I feel like with the advice and ideas I’ve been given.. I should be able to go far.

Check out my galleries, I’m on just about every social network imaginable (except single dating sites… havent found a use for those yet) and if you search for “jonstellphoto” you’re bound to find me.

thanks amanda.

And i hope you have a picture worthy week.

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