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I want to be more of a ”do-er” instead of someone who’s standing on the sidelines. The most appealing thing to me about adventure photography is to capture the action is you have to be doing it too, you hike with all the same gear and probably more than anyone else, you lead and go first, you do so blindly. What makes the entire process so exciting is that you’re outside, not in a stuffy office or some studio trying to make every aspect absolutely perfect.

If you’re in Myrtle Beach, or you’ve ever been you know that its incredibly flat. I have always been in love with rolling hills and mountain ridges. I’m deeply in love with desert landscapes and rugged landscapes. I’m really trying to fall in love with where I am. A close friend told me there are still tons of exceptionally good images here, we just have to get out and take them. Thankfully I have a supportive girlfriend and a reliable friend that is always down to get out and shoot.

We packed up and made it to the location at 4:30pm and the sun sets at around 5:30p. Hiked in and found a ravine that heads down to the river. My friend Charlie held a big white panel and fired a speed light at the board to softly light the subjects. As Megan (the girl in the picture) and Levi, walked up the ravine, I basically drug myself up backward to get a walking shot up the hill. I normally note the settings I used, but I cant recall what they were. If you’re genuinely interested I can look it up and email you back.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my post and if you have constructive criticism please reach out, I’m very open to networking, email me and we can meet up. Thanks again.


Jon Stell


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